Predicting the Colorado Rockies top 5 home run leaders of 2024

Today we take a look at 5 hitters who will look to take advantage of the friendly hitters park

Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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Elehuris Montero has a mini power breakout and hits 21 home runs

Montero was one of the key pieces coming back to the Rockies in the atrocious Nolan Arenado trade. With a lot of pressure as the expected third baseman of the future to replace Arenado, Montero looked to be ready to destroy major league pitching. In 100 games in the minor leagues between 2022 and 2023, he hit over .300 both years (.359 in 2023) with a crazy 30 combined home runs. Throughout his time as a prospect with both the Cardinals and Rockies, he has constantly been given high power grades by MLB Pipeline.

Montero played in 82 games in Colorado in 2023, and he struggled quite a bit. He had a 36.2% strikeout rate and this is just something that he hasn't ever struggled with, (17.2% in Triple-A in 2023 and 21.2% in Triple-A in 2022). He hit just 11 home runs, but there is obviously some serious potential here. I fully expect Montero to cut that strikeout rate down below 30% this year; that paired with him expecting to play 120+ games, he should have no problem clearing the 20-home run mark with his power.