Position players the Rockies should target in the MLB Draft

The MLB draft is just two days away and the Rockies are in position to make an immediate impact to the franchise. Below is a list of position players they could draft this weekend.
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Blake Mitchell

Blake Mitchell is another high school prospect the Rockies could target in this years draft. The first thing that stands out to me when I see Mitchell's name is "Franchise Catcher". The Rockies have never had a franchise catcher and what better time to find one then in the draft.

Mithcell is a young 18-year old from Texas, who is committed to playing college ball at Louisiana State, but if drafted in the first round, that could very well entice him to forgo college and begin his Major League career.

In high school, Mitchell lead his school Sinton high school to the Texas 4-A title his junior year and also has received Gatorade Player of the year honors twice in 2022 and 2023. In his senior year, he held a batting average of .452 with 41 RBI's, six home runs, and 15 doubles. Mitchell could be for the Rockies what Adley Rutschman has been for the Orioles as the final piece of the organization's rebuild and could become the franchise catcher the team has yet to find in it's 30-year history.

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