Position players the Rockies should target in the MLB Draft

The MLB draft is just two days away and the Rockies are in position to make an immediate impact to the franchise. Below is a list of position players they could draft this weekend.
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Aidan Miller

Aidan Miller is a high school prospect third baseman from Florida who is committed to play college baseball at Arkansas. However, he is projected as a top-15 pick in the draft and should be right on the Rockies radar. He is the younger brother of Jackson Miller who was selected in the second round of the 2020 MLB draft by the Cincinnati Reds.

Scouts grade Miller as a power-hitting third baseman who is just as productive on defense as he is offensively. He would make a great selection for the Rockies as he could be projected to debut in the big leagues in 2027, just as it would be the final year of the six-year contract extension of third baseman Ryan McMahon. Miller gives the Rockies the opportunity to stay consistent at the hot corner and also the ability to develop and plan for the future. Aside from playing third base, Miller's strong arm and size could also turn him into a future outfielder for the Rockies and could make an excellent addition in right field.

With caution comes concern. Miller did not play last year after dealing with a hamate injury and could've set his development a year back. In 2022, Miller played lights out in his junior year of high school with a .403 average, three home runs, 16 RBI's, two doubles, and one triple. He was also on the team USA 18 under team and played in a total of nine games where he hit .478/.594/.1000 with two home runs, eight RBI's, and 11 hits. He finished the tournament earning the title as the batting champion and also became the third player since 2010 to hit three triples in the tournament.