How former Colorado Rockies are doing on new teams post MLB Trade Deadline

A month after the MLB Trade Deadline, it's time to check in on how some former Rockies are doing with their new teams.
Colorado Rockies v Miami Marlins
Colorado Rockies v Miami Marlins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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It has officially been a month since the Rockies did what some might consider the unthinkable for the Colorado Rockies, and that was be sellers at the MLB trade deadline.

The Rockies moved on from veteran players on the roster such as Mike Moustask, Randal Grichuk, C.J. Cron, Pierce Johnson, and Brad Hand and in exchange, they were able to build to their young farm system which currently ranks at number 18 in all of baseball per

Following these transactions, I figured it was time to check in on our former friends and see what they have been up to. For some of these veterans, they discovered a change of scenery is always great. For others, not so much.

1. Mike Moustakas

Mike Moustakas
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Just moments after suffering a brutal 25-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels in late June, it was announced that the Rockies made a move that resulted in Moustakas being moved over to the clubhouse just next door in Coors Field.

Moustakas was traded from the Rockies to the Angels for RHP Connor Van Scoyoc.

Since his departure, Moustakas has now found himself in an everyday role for the Angels as the team's third baseman due to another Anthony Rendon injury.

It has been reported that Moustakas has quickly found himself loving being apart of the Angels and has even found himself as a leader in the clubhouse.

Despite a disappointing slash line of .241/.265/.412 as an Angel, Moustakas has been one of the more productive hitters in Los Angeles. He currently has eight home runs, eight doubles, 27 RBI's and 45 hits.

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