Ezequiel Tovar has arrived

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Since the departure of Trevor Story after the 2021 season, the Colorado Rockies have found their shortstop of the future.

Ezequiel Tovar elected to sign as an international prospect in 2017 with the Colorado Rockies. Tovar began his debut in the Rockies organization in 2018 when he was placed in single A ball. Quickly though, Tovar found his way skyrocketing through the Rockies organization as he made his MLB debut in late September last year.

During the offseason, the Rockies chose Tovar as their everyday player for the future, instead of re-signing Jose Iglesias who had a successful season hitting .292/.328/.380. Iglesias finished last year on the IL for the Rockies.

Coming into this season, Tovar is ranked as the number one prospect in the Rockies organization and 25th overall in all of baseball. Despite having a rough month of May where he hit .213 with 14 RBI's and 27 strikeouts, he has been on a tear as of late.

In the past 15 games, Tovar has emerged as one of the top baseball hitters. He currently is the third best hitter in all of baseball, with an impressive .353/.411/.549 score, along with two four RBIs, one home run, and seven doubles - the highest in the league. When it comes to shortstop league leaders in the last 15 games, Tovar ranks just after Bo Bichette and Dansby Swanson.s.

Tovar's exceptional defense has been a standout for the Rockies throughout the season. Consistently week after week, his glove skills have been an asset to the Colorado defense. Currently, Tovar boasts an impressive fielding percentage of .981.

This year, Tovar, Brenton Doyle, and Nolan Jones have shown great promise as players on the team's roster. As general manager Bill Schmidt is rebuilding the team to his vision, I anticipate that these young talents will continue to be a valuable part of the team's core.