Are changes coming after Rockies call player only meeting?

It is time changes are made and the players realize it.
Colorado Rockies v Miami Marlins
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On the heels on what has to be the most disappointing series of the season, the Rockies players apparently held a closed-door meeting to discuss the performance and likely the fate of this team (according to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post).

This meeting seems like it was very much needed at this point in the season. A team that we knew would be a bottom five team in baseball has shown some fight throughout the year and after splitting a four-game series against the Padres, it seemed like things were sort of on the up-swing. However, a demoralizing game one loss seems to have wrecked this team. We talked about how this team would bounce back after a tough game one, and it wasn't good; the Rockies would go on to lose game two and game three ending in a series sweep against one of the worst teams in all of baseball. The Rockies are a part of that group, but having two extra-inning losses in three games is extremely defeating.

This is a very young group, which is both exciting, yet nerve-racking, given the lack of experience, maturity and leadership. One can almost guarantee that this closed-door team meeting was called by a collection of Charlie Blackmon, a long-time Rockies player who has been around the league for a long time and deserves the respect of anyone he approaches, as well as Ryan McMahon, the other Rockies veteran who has been a part of a very good Rockies team and a very bad Rockies team.

There seems to be some changes coming in the Rockies bullpen as guys like Justin Lawrence, Tyler Kinley, Jake Bird and pretty much every reliever not named Nick Mears or Victor Vodnik is struggling mightily. Will the Rockies go as far as replacing Bud Black midseason? I highly doubt that. But the Rockies players need to be held accountable for their poor performances.

This team isn't full of stars or even solid regulars that have shown enough on the back of the baseball card to earn the benefit of the doubt. If they are not up to snuff and are letting down the team and not doing their job, they need to be sent down our DFA'd. This team has been pitiful and the least that they could do is give some of the young players a chance to prove themselves instead of giving 30+ year old veterans opportunity after opportunity to cost this team games. Changes are a coming...hopefully sooner rather than later because this is just brutal to watch.

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