4 things we hope happen for the Rockies in 2024

One can dream right?
Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks
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The Rockies find the Robin to Nolan Jones' Batman

After just talking about how disappointing the 2023 season was and how the upcoming season needs to be a change in culture, there were still some bright spots. There was no one more surprising than outfielder, Nolan Jones. The star acquired in a trade with the Guardians went on to have an incredible season, earning league wide recognition.

Important for the Rockies in 2024, is to find him a co-star. Nolan Jones is without a doubt the star of this team moving forward, he is the franchise cornerstone that a rebuild can hitch its wagon to. However, he needs his "Robin" to be able to take this team to the levels of competing in the best division in baseball.

The Rockies have a few options here to become Jones' co-star. I look for Brenton Doyle to become that guy as he is extremely exciting to watch play defense with his incredible speed and 80-grade arm. He has made some swing changes and this spring it has translated to a lot of success. This year could be a big year for Doyle, as he could look to become Jones' right-hand man.

A healthy season from Kris Bryant

The highest paid Rockies' player in franchise history and has been easily the most disappointing player over his tenure with the club. Kris Bryan, prior to joining the Rockies, was the picture of good health and was one of the best hitters in the game. This young team could really use a veteran presence in the middle of the lineup to support the likes of Nolan Jones, Ezequiel Tovar, Michael Toglia and Brendan Rodgers. This team won't contend, but avoiding the dumpster fire that was 2023 is extremely important and Bryant staying healthy for 120-130 games would be paramount in that goal.