4 things we hope happen for the Rockies in 2024

One can dream right?

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks / Zac BonDurant/GettyImages
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The regular season is here! We have games that mean something and can finally start keeping track of the record and stats knowing that they actually mean something for this team and players moving forward. After a long offseason of inactivity and relatively inconsequential additions, we finally get to see the Rockies in action!

This is an important season for a lot of Rockies players that could determine their futures with the club. This season isn't one where the Rockies will go all out in hopes of contending for a playoff spot. This season will decide a lot of players future with the team and what their roles will be; it could also decide quite a few players futures in the MLB as a whole.

The Rockies avoid another 100 loss season

A lot of talk in the 2023 season was about just how bad the Rockies team was. The squad was rarely competitive, the pitching staff struggled to do much of anything and constantly looked like nothing more than a mediocre Triple-A staff. They were about to develop a potential superstar in Nolan Jones, along with their shortstop of the future, Ezequiel Tovar. Though everyone knows that the 2024 squad won't be competitive, the Rockies need to take some serious steps forward and part of that progress needs to yield results; the Rockies need to avoid another embarrassing 100+ loss season again.

During a rebuild, the results aren't usually going to be very good, but the focus is on the development of the players. This year should follow a similar focus for the Rockies and their fans, but at the same time, it needs to translate to some success. With Nolan Jones, Brenton Doyle, Ezequiel Tovar, Brendan Rodgers and a few starting pitchers taking some steps forward along with Ryan McMahon and Kris Bryant bouncing back a little bit and providing some leadership for this young team, they really need to take some pride in the results and avoid another 100-loss season.