4 Rockies players who have stood out after the first week

Even though it's been a tough start, these 4 have carried the weight
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These 2 bats look like they could get moved up the lineup in the near future

With so many negatives, and the Rockies offense looking significantly overmatched, there still have been some positives. Unfortunately for the Rockies, it isn't the potential superstar, Nolan Jones, or the highest paid player in franchise history, Kris Bryant. Those two have actually been two of the hitters that have struggled the most in the Rockies lineup.

Ready to return to his former self, McMahon is tearing the cover off the baseball

After a 2023 season that saw McMahon strike out nearly 32% of the time, McMahon looks a lot more comfortable and confident in his approach this year. He has posted a career high walk rate (I know it's just seven games), but the approach is improved; he has also struck out just 17.2% of the time while hitting .375 with an incredible 128 wRC+.

The underlying numbers support McMahon's hot start as he has posted a 93rd percentile sweet spot percentage with an exit velocity of 93 miles per hour, that is over two miles per hour more than his 2023 number. McMahon has been the best hitter in the Rockies lineup, and it hasn't been close. Hopefully the rest of the lineup can start contributing soon, but in the meantime, Mac is dominating, and fans should enjoy it.

A Rockies Gold Glover is ready to breakout

While so much focus was placed on the star Rockies left fielder, Nolan Jones, and for good reason, it is his counterpart in centerfield that has stolen the show so far. Brenton Doyle is an elite level defender and though we haven't really been able to see it on display so far this year, it is a long year, and we will get to see a number of highlights.

Doyle had a really solid spring and has carried that over to the regular season. The speedy centerfielder is hitting .250, and though his .400 slugging percentage and 68 wRC+ leave a lot to be desired, his strikeout rate has been cut down by over 7% so far. That alone will give him a lot more opportunities to get on base and wreak havoc. If Doyle can build off this solid start, by keeping the strikeout rate under 30%, while putting solid contact on the ball, especially as the weather warms up, we could be looking at a potential three- or four-win type of player.

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