4 Players the Rockies will wish they had signed this offseason

A look at a few players the Rox could regret not inking to deals for the 2024 season
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Carlos Santana's veteran presence could give this locker room an experienced leader

Carlos Santana
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In terms of low-risk signings, Carlos Santana has made a living over the past couple seasons providing veteran leadership, stability, and above all, vibes to the teams he has played for, including Seattle, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and most recently, Pittsburgh, after spending the first several years of his career in Cleveland. No relation to the guitarist, Santana debuted in 2010, and in that time has been a solid switch-hitting catcher, converted to first baseman for six different teams, and is now joining his seventh, the Minnesota Twins, on a one-year deal worth $5.25 million.

Santana, at this point in his career, is someone who could have provided a veteran presence to a young Rockies first base situation and would have likely taken a one-year deal, with the potential of a small return at the deadline should he have popped off in the thin air at Coors. If for no other reason, a Santana signing would given the Rockies a much needed burst of energy and leadership in the clubhouse.