4 of the biggest trade heists in Rockies franchise history

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Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
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MLB Trades are some of the hardest deals to make in all of professional sports. Often times you are trading very proven, major league ready talent. A lot of times these players are All-Star level players looking to leave a rebuilding team, or looking for a serious pay day.

These deals can be so hard because major league talent for major league talent rarely happens. This causes teams to look at young players that could eventually become serious major league contributors, or possibly even All-Star level players. With this inherent risk that teams take by trading away major league talent, a lot of times the deal either works out great, as the acquired players go on to become perennial All-Stars and it looks like a steal; or the acquired players struggled to get past a certain minor league level and the deal is a complete bust.

Every team has examples of both sides of these, and a lot of fans may remember a lot of the bad trades teams make, resulting in the loss of seeing elite level players compete for your franchise. There are still some very solid trades that teams make, and the Rockies are no exception. Today, as we sit here in doom and gloom as the Rockies continue to struggle, we are going to look back at four trades that were absolute steals.