3 Top prospects the Rockies should already call up as reinforcements

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When looking at a rebuilding team, one of the least important pieces of that is the bullpen. The Rockies haven't allocated any resources to building a solid, competitive bullpen and its understandable; a bullpen is more of a luxury for a young team. However, the goal of the game is to win (though some teams seem to not agree with that) and the growth of your players and teams often results in more wins, something that this team could use.

These 2 high profile bullpen arms could really help this struggling bullpen

There was a very solid chance out of spring training that Jaden Hill would make the Opening Day roster. The righty absolutely dominated the competition, especially considering the former second round pick just recently moved to the bullpen.

The righty was sitting in the high 90's and was able to deploy a devasting changeup and slider combination with the elite fastball. For a bullpen that has struggled to be efficient, Hill could give this team something that they really lack. Hill has never had an issue with walks (something that has plagued this bullpen early on), with a 4.5 per nine rate, while striking out more than 12 batters per nine in his three minor league seasons. There are certain guys in the Rockies bullpen that the team wouldn't regret letting go of and it would do a lot of good to see someone like Hill compete with some of the veterans in the Rockies bullpen. When the time comes for the Rockies to contend, Hill could become the bonified, high-leverage arm that this team would need.

Riley Pint was supposed to be the one to break the Rockies mold of pitchers who couldn't make it in Colorado. Unfortunately, the former fourth overall pick could never make it to the major league level after struggles with control. The righty has stuck with it and a move to the bullpen could see his stuff play up a ton!

The command struggles continue to plague Pint. In just seven innings in 2024 at Triple-A Albuquerque, Pint has walked eight batters and hit two more. The impressive number here is the 12 strikeouts he has in such a limited time. Pint might not be the best arm for a bullpen that already struggles with walks, but after eight years in the minors, it doesn't seem like the walks are going to go down much.

At this point, the Rockies just need to let the flamethrower compete against major league pitching and hope that his stuff is just so good, it can overcome the walk issues at the major league level. You can't tell me that his stuff isn't louder than a number of the guys in the bullpen and many of them have a walk rate over five or six.

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