3 surprise moves the Rockies can still make before Opening Day 2024

Though the Rockies have had a relatively quiet offseason, we look at three moves that could get fans really interested in Rockies baseball for 2024.

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Eric Lauer

While the first two options here, filled holes where the Rockies lacked depth, Lauer fills a position where the Rockies actually have depth, it's just not very good. As things stand, the Rockies one through three starting pitchers are set, setting up a spring training battle for the number four and five spots in the rotation.

Why not take a flier to fill that spot on a 28-year-old lefty that has posted multiple 1.5-2 win seasons?

Though the Rockies rotation seems to be set, the Rockies could make a surprising move by adding a high upside starter like Lauer. Lauer dealt with a lot in 2023 that limited him to just 46.2 innings and he wasn't good, but that looks like an outlier season. From 2018 to 2022, he regularly threw over 100 innings, topping out at 158.2 innings in 2022. He would give the Rockies something that they haven't had, as a pitcher with a strikeout rate over eight per nine (8.55 career K/9).

Check out one of Lauer's dominant performances from his solid 2022 season, throwing 6 IP, 0 ER, 13 K's, and 1 BB, courtesy of Dawg&Hen

The free agent market is very slow moving, and with pitchers and catchers reporting, the pressure is on to get into camp, get comfortable with the staff and coaches. This could benefit the Rockies in this situation as Lauer is grouped with a number of pitchers that could be looking for a chance to compete for a roster spot towards the end of the month and into March. If I am the Rockies, the upside far surpasses that of Dakota Hudson, and I would be all over it. He could prove to be an under the radar addition that could prove to be a valuable middle of the rotation option.

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