3 surprise moves the Rockies can still make before Opening Day 2024

Though the Rockies have had a relatively quiet offseason, we look at three moves that could get fans really interested in Rockies baseball for 2024.

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Elvis Andrus

Though the Rockies roster looks to be complete, there are still a few holes that they could afford to fill. As things currently stand, they have very little depth that is major league ready at the middle infield positions. They have options like Alan Trejo (but we saw that experiment last year), they also have prospects Julio Carreras, Adael Amador and Ryan Ritter (though Carreras had just 16 games at Triple-A Albuquerque, Amador played just 10 games at Double-A Hartford, while Ritter played just eight games in Double-A). This shows that behind Tovar and Rodgers, the Rockies really lack solid depth at the middle infield spots, enter Elvis Andrus.

Andrus fits the Rockies needs really well as an above average defending middle infielder with a solid floor offensively. Andrus can play both middle infield spots, doing it at a pretty solid level, something that would be nice to have in the event of an injury or a trade. Andrus will post a solid average, as a career .269 hitter and won't strikeout (14% career strikeout rate), while walking at a decent rate (7.1% walk rate).

Andrus could find a nice little niche in Colorado as a utility infielder that could get around 450-500 plate appearances. He is 35 years-old and we know what Andrus is at this point and getting him on a one-year deal could prove to be valuable depth for the Rockies at a cheap price. He could also do a lot to give the middle infield a veteran presence as they still try to develop.