3 Rockies who will make the Opening Day roster but won't last the season

We should see a few top prospects debut this year, these debuts could force these 3 players out of Colorado.
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies
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Brendan Rodgers

For many it seems like Rodgers has been around for awhile and has been a little disappointing, but a lot of that might be because he has played just 317 games across five different seasons. Now, the first season he was just 22, then the COVID year happened. After those two years, he played 239 games over the next two years and looked to be taking some steps in the right direction, but an injury plagued 2023 in which he played just 46 games, left a lot of people frustrated.

Rodgers has a ton of talent and will hope to put it together in 2024. Rodgers is just 27 years old, but only has two years left of club control and the club could look to move him this year. Rodgers having success this year could help the Rockies win a few more games, but he will probably be more valuable in having success and the Rockies taking advantage of it by flipping him to a contender come summer time. The Rockies will most likely not be in playoff contention during Rodgers prime years and having to extend him, when you have Ezequiel Tovar and Adael Amador (not to mention Sterlin Thompson) as the core of your future infield, just doesn't make a lot of sense. If Rodgers can get off to a hot start and have a solid first half, he could be one of the more valuable trade chips come July.

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