3 Rockies who will be the reason why they don't lose 100 games in 2024

Looking ahead at why three players who will be the reason why the Rockies won't lose 100 games next season.
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The Rockies are coming off the worst season in franchise history as they finished the year with a 59-103 record, coming off the first season they have ever lost 100 games in the franchise's 30 year history.

While this past year was a horrific one, it was also one to remember as the Rockies youth invasion took over all season long. Towards the end of the season, the Rockies bolstered a lineup that featured at least five starting rookies.

Success is always hard for any team to replicate. But for the Rockies, it might even be harder to replicate the kind of nonsuccess they had last year as Colorado seems to find a way to not lose 100 games in a single-season.

Now I think the Rockies will need at least another year before they can think about the post season, but I do think they will be a much better team next season and that's partially due to the experience some of the younger players gained this year and the emergence of a key veteran pitcher stepping up.

Going forward, I decided to take a look at which three players will be a reason why the Rockies won't lose 100 games next season.

1. Austin Gomber

Austin Gomber
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After a rough start at the beginning of last year due to confidence issues and letting the pressure get to him from the Nolan Arrenado trade in 2021 that sent him to Colorado, Gomber later emerged as one of the bright spots in an injury-depleted rotation last season.

Gomber, went from having one of the worst years of his career before the MLB All-Star break to one of the best seasons yet following the mid-summer classic. During this stretch, he went 2-2 while pitching with a 3.86 ERA and striking out 26 batters.

In 2024, the Rockies post All-Star game Gomber to lead this young rotation that will be focused on getting better.

As of right now, I would expect to see Gomber as the Rockies ace of the staff. Of course, I would expect them to attack starting pitching this free agency.