3 Rockies Who Deserve More Playing Time, 1 Who Deserves Less

What changes should the Bud Black make to the lineup?
Tampa Bay Rays v Colorado Rockies
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Jake Cave is solid

For a team that has a decent amount of volatility and streakiness outside of Charlie Blackmon and Ryan McMahon, Jake Cave is a professional who knows his role. The Rockies have plenty of young players in the lineup, and Cave is a veteran presence who has been a solid backup thus far for the Rox in a limited sample size. He sparked a late inning rally against the Cubs with a double; he also hit an eighth inning triple against the Rays and made a nice diving catch against the Diamondbacks.

Cave will provide some solid defense, slightly above average speed, and more consistency on an at bat to at bat basis. I’m not campaigning for him to be an everyday starter, but he could warrant more than just three starts in the first 13 games of the season. Cave is also a great trade for the Rockies this season, and the Rockies could showcase him more in hopes to net a return later on in the year.