3 Rockies Players who won't be back in 2024

With the Rockies season officially coming to an end, the offseason begins now. Moving forward, I decided to look at what players will not return next year.
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3. Harold Castro

Harold Castro
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After spending the year platooning in the infield and having a below-average year, the decision to to move on from Castro should be an easy one for the Rockies next year.

Castro spent this season hitting .252 with just one home run, 31 RBI's and only one stolen base. Before signing with the Rockies on a minor league deal last offseason, Castro was non-tended by the Detroit Tigers last offseason which made him a free agent.

Unfortunately, the decision to bring on Castro this year did not work for Colorado and with an infield that is already pretty crowded, it's only going to get larger as the Rockies have both Ezeqiuel Tovar and Brendan Rodgers solidified as the starting middle infielders next year. The team will likely also feature Coco Montes and Alan Trejo spending time platooning and could very well see number one prospect Adael Amador making his MLB debut late next season. This could result in Castro seeing himself as the odd man out.

Castro is eligible for arbitration with Colorado for the next two years, they could very well pass on bringing him back.

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