3 Rockies players we're thankful to have after the deadline

Following a brutal trade deadline where the Rockies sent away five veteran players, here is a list of players we're thankful to have as we move forward for the Rockies future.

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3. Nolan Jones

Nolan Jones
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Following the two veterans who already have our hearts, lets talk about a young rookie who is paving the way for the future in Colorado and that is corner infielder and outfielder Nolan Jones.

Jones, 25, originally made his MLB Debut with the Cleveland Guardians but after being traded this past offseason to Colorado, the rookie has been providing a taste of hope for the future in Colorado.

Whether it's his hot bat or his brilliance on defense, Jones has arguably been one of the best players on the Rockies in 2023. This year, he holds an average of .281 with nine home runs, 25 RBI's, seven stolen bases and has an ops of .852.

In addition to his impressive hitting, Jones has also stood out for his exceptional defense. Initially brought up as a third baseman for the Guardians, he later transitioned to first base for the Rockies before finding his niche as a regular right fielder. He was given this opportunity following Kris Bryant's injury on July 25. and has since made the most of it, showcasing his impressive arm strength. Jones's arm strength has been on full display, with an average speed of 99.4 MPH when throwing out runners from the outfield. Remarkably, this is the highest average in all of baseball, surpassing even the rookie sensation Elly De La Cruz of the Cincinnati Reds.