3 Rockies players we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we wish stayed

With a lot of roster turnover this offseason, we say goodbye to a few players, though a couple of those goodbyes were more difficult.

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
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Rockies fans might look back on this offseason and lament at the fact that the Rockies didn't do much of anything. Many fans wish this team would at least try and add a few solid free agents but in the toughest division in baseball, you have to do so many things right in order to contend and the Rockies weren't in a good position to do that.

The Rockies 2024 roster will be filled with a lot less major league "regulars" like Randal Grichuk, C.J. Crone or Jurickson Profar, in lieu of some young, up and coming prospects. The Rockies needed to approach the 2023-24 offseason in this manner; they needed to make sure they didn't block any prospects or guys needing to prove that they can play at the major league level (Elehuris Montero and Michael Toglia).

While the Rockies certainly had to let some veterans go, whether it was in the offseason or the middle of last year, there were a couple of guys that left that Rockies fans will be upset at letting go. They were either a fan favorite, one of the better players at a position of need, or they got replaced by someone similar in what is at best a lateral move.