3 Rockies hitters who have helped themselves this spring, 1 who hasn't

It's been a tough spring for this outfielder

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Brenton Doyle, in a potential breakout year, has really helped himself this spring

Doyle was one of the most entertaining players on the Rockies team last year. The speedy centerfielder regularly put-up highlight players, throwing a 100+ mile per hour assist, or making a crazy catch in the expansive Coors Field. There weren't a whole lot of offensive highlights from the young centerfielder, but Rockies fans could deal with that due to the elite defense.

This offseason fans talked a lot about what Doyle could become if he could just be a little better offensively. Doyle did hit double digit home runs (10) but struck out a whopping 35% of the time). He was able to steal 22 bases, but his lackluster .203 average didn't really let Doyle capitalize on that speed.

This spring, Doyle has made some changes to his swing and is showing that he could be poised to really take off this year. Doyle is hitting an impressive .304/.347/.326, and though he only has one extra base hit, he is fourth on the team in hits and tied for second in stolen bases.

Doyle won't be a 20-home run guy, or someone that slugs in the mid-400's, but there is no reason that with his speed, he couldn't hit .260+ or better and steal 30 bases regularly. Doyle has really helped himself this spring, with a lot of fans hoping that he can support his elite defense with a solid offensive profile.