3 replacements for Bud Black if the Rockies fire him

With the season ending today, nobody in the Rockies organization should be safe. If they decide to move on from manager Bud Black this offseason, here are three potential replacements for him.
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2. Phil Nevin

Phil Nevin
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While he currently remains the manager on the Los Angeles Angels, Phil Nevin's contract will be expired after today as the Angels season will come to an end like the Rockies.

Nevin, might've arguably had one of the hardest jobs in baseball over the last year and a half and a change of scenery in a smaller market could benefit him significantly.

From stepping in as the interim manager for the Angels last year after they were on a horrendous 12 game losing streak in 2022, to dealing with what will the Angels do with phenom two-way star Shohei Ohtani during the year and having to work with over 90% of his opening day roster on the injured list, Nevin has not had the easiest job in the world.

Even on a prime-time game with just about two weeks until the MLB trade deadline, the drama that surrounded Ohtani came to life in the middle of a A.L. west game against the Houston Astros when ESPN reporter Buster Olney asked him about the possibility of Ohtani being traded. This move by Olney left many fans in baseball furious and deemed him unprofessional.

To say Nevin has been a bad manager for the Angels just might be an exaggeration considering everything that was happening with the Angels. At one point this year, Nevin's team was at the top of the A.L. West and had aspirations to make the playoffs in 2023. Unfortunately, a pair of bad trades at the deadline and a pile of injuries diminished those hopes by the end of Aug.

With a young group of core players in the Rockies clubhouse and a manager like Nevin who had been described as a players manager over his term with the Angels, a move to Colorado might not seem like a bad idea.

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