3 Reasons why the Rockies should not try and trade for Mike Trout

Recently, a report by USA Today stated that the Los Angeles Angels would be open in a Mike Trout trade if he approved it, while almost every team would be interested in acquiring Trout, I decided to look into three reasons why the Rockies should not entertain a trade for Trout.
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3. The asking price

Mike Trout
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It's without a doubt that Mike Trout is a once-in-a-generation super star and is going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. As I mentioned earlier, Trout's career number's are enough to make him a perfect fit on any roster. But for the Rockies, a move to acquire Trout could become a major set back for the Rockies organization.

Right now, the Rockies have a good young core playing and have some quality players waiting in the wings waiting to be brought up. Unfortuantely, a trade for Trout will have a hefty asking price of either prospects or to take on his contract.

The MLB top 100 prospects list includes five players from the Rockies: shortstop Adael Amador (No. 21), outfielder Yanquiel Fernandez (No. 53), 2023 first-round pick RHP Chase Dollander (No. 63), outfielder Jordan Beck (No. 88), and outfielder Zac Veen (No. 99). If the Rockies want to trade for Trout, they will most likely have to give up at least two of these players, along with other young prospects, to help them rebuild the farm system that they depleted during this year's MLB Trade Deadline.

Another route the Rockies could take in a trade for Trout would be the Angels asking Colorado to take on the record-breaking contract he signed in March of 2019 when he agreed to a 12-year $430 million extension. In that 12-year deal, Trout is currently in year five of that deal and would be owed $248.79 million of that deal.