3 Reasons why the Rockies should not try and trade for Mike Trout

Recently, a report by USA Today stated that the Los Angeles Angels would be open in a Mike Trout trade if he approved it, while almost every team would be interested in acquiring Trout, I decided to look into three reasons why the Rockies should not entertain a trade for Trout.
Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Angels
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2. No room in the outfield

Kris Bryant, Nolan Jones, Brenton Doyle
Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

By adding a Mike Trout to the lineup, the Rockies will have to find room for him in the outfield.

Right now, the Rockies have a promising young core in Nolan Jones, Brenton Doyle and Hunter Goodman with the possibility of young prospects like Zac Veen, Jordan Beck and Yanquiel Fernandez on the horizon, room is starting to thin out in the outfield.

The young core of Rockies players is undoubtedly the team's future, leading them back to the promised land as they strive for their first playoff appearance since 2018. The Rockies outfield has become so deep that former 2016 N.L. MVP Kris Bryant has been displaced from right field and is now being groomed as the team's future everyday first baseman.