3 questions the Rockies already answered during spring training, 1 they haven't

No one is claiming this starting job

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Who earned the utility IF spot?

The Rockies came into last season with high expectations for Brendan Rodgers. A significant injury in spring training cost him a majority of the season, but it also put a couple of players into positions that were not optimal at that time.

One of those guys was Alan Trejo. Trejo was pretty solid in 35 games in 2022, slashing .271/.312/.424, but he couldn't find the same success in an extended look in 2023. He slashed just .232/.288/.343 while playing three infield spots. He isn't a great defender at any one spot, but isn't a liabiliity either.

Coming into spring, there were certainly questions around who would be the bench utility spot. It seemed to be a three-man battle between Trejo, Aaron Schunk and Coco Montes. Though Schunk has impressed this spring, hitting .276 with two stolen bases and playing some good defense, Trejo looks like he is ready to return to his 2022 form.

This spring, Bud Black has gotten a good look at Trejo, playing 15 games. He is slashing .300/.361/.533 with two home runs, a stolen base and more walks (4) than strikeouts (3). He has looked really comfortable and with no options remaining, Trejo looks to have answered this question for the Rockies.