3 Potential breakout candidates for the Rockies in 2024

These players could play a huge role for the Rockies in 2024
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Could the Rockies finally find a solid mid-rotation starting pitcher?

Is it any surprise that this is the only pitcher that I even considered to put on our list of potential 2024 breakout candidates? Well, it shouldn't be, especially after seeing what the Rockies pitching staff did this past weekend, it was pretty pitiful.

One player that I will continue to beat the drum of is Ryan Feltner, there is just too much there to ignore. When you find a guy that can sit 95-98+ with two plus off-speed pitches, it catches your attention and makes you think about the potential of that pitcher.

check out this dominant performance from Feltner, courtesy of The Report On Sports 2

Some early season successes in 2023 had a lot of fans dreaming about what the former fourth round pick could become. The right-handed power pitcher looked like he was about to break the Rockies traditional mold of pitchers to struggle in the Mile High City.

The power righty seemed to possess a unique pitch repertoire that could be effective at Coors field. A high velocity fastball, with a solid changeup and slider looked like it could really limit solid contact from hitters, as well as striking out a solid number of batters. With Feltner stating that he has placed a higher emphasis on the changeup (one of his most effective pitches) as well as an emphasis on the four-seam fastball, we should see an uptick in strikeouts. With that, hopefully there will be less walks as well as less solid contact as the righty will take over and become one of the Rockies best pitchers in a very weak rotation.

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