3 players who won't make the Rockies Opening Day roster

With a number of talented youngsters fighting for an opening day roster spot, we take a look at 3 players that will have to prove they are ready, before getting called back up.

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Noah Davis will be sent to Albuquerque to stay stretched out as well

Noah Davis has given the Rockies good value as a former 11th round draft pick. A long shot to even remain a starter as a mid-round college pick, Davis has done a good job being just a solid option at each level. He has shown an ability to eat innings and could be a future swingman or organization depth to make spot starts.

Davis only threw one inning in 2022, but made eight appearances with six starts in 2023, throwing 30 innings. His numbers both in the minor leagues in the major leagues took a dip in 2023, with his strike out rate going from 10 K/9 in 2022, to just 7.3 per nine in the minor leagues and 7.8 per nine in Colorado. His walk rate also went up from four walks per nine in the minor leagues in 2022, to five per nine in the minor leagues and 4.5 per nine in the major leagues.

Davis is one of a few pitchers that will need to go back to Triple-A and prove himself to get called back up and get an opportunity on the major league roster. He could see some action as a spot starter or possible swingman reliever later in the year.