3 players who won't make the Rockies Opening Day roster

With a number of talented youngsters fighting for an opening day roster spot, we take a look at 3 players that will have to prove they are ready, before getting called back up.

Colorado Rockies v Baltimore Orioles
Colorado Rockies v Baltimore Orioles / G Fiume/GettyImages
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With pitchers and catchers set to report today, we are officially in baseball mode. If you are in Arizona, you will see the veterans that have roamed Coors Field for a while like Kyle Freeland and Justin Lawrence. You will also be excited to see some young and very interesting prospects like Carson Palmquist, Joe Rock, and one of personal favorites, Jaden Hill. You will also see former MLB-All Star game MVP, Elias Diaz, as well as top catching prospect, Drew Romo. It's an exciting time of year, but these prospects will be relegated back to the minor leagues after spring, this is just to acclimate them to the big-league environment and to get them in camp.

For many others, this spring represents a lot more; it represents a battle. The goal is always to win the game at the end of the day, but for these players, making the major league roster is a goal that they have had since they were kids and now is the time to prove they are ready. Though a number of the young players like Nolan Jones and Brenton Doyle started in the minor leagues, not too long afterwards, they were some of the most exciting players in the purple pinstripes. They figure to be a mainstay in this lineup for a while, but the following three players will be battling for a roster spot, and in the end, will end up starting the 2024 season in the minor leagues.