3 Players the Rockies should non tender this offseason

With the offseason approaching and the arbitration process set to begin, let's take a look at what Rockies players should be non tendered this offseason.
Colorado Rockies v Washington Nationals
Colorado Rockies v Washington Nationals / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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With the MLB Postseason currently underway, the offseason is less then a month away and with that, the Rockies are looking over how to retool te current roster into a much more competitive roster in 2023.

Last Friday, MLB Trade Rumors announced what the projected salaries will be for all 30 MLB teams eligible arbirtation players. For the Rockies, they have a few decisions they have to make as they have seven players that are arbitration eligible in 2023.

For those not familiar, the arbitration process features eligible players and their representatives to meet with the organization they played with last year and the goal is to come up with a contract that both sides can agree on. Typically, the aribitration process will last up to some point in mid Jan. and if the two sides do not agree on a number, the player will ultimately end up non tendered and will enter free agency.

Looking at the list of players that are arbitration eligible for the Rockies, I decided to list down which one's I think they should look to non tender for the 2024 season.