3 players the Rockies could move on from to bring back Yonathan Daza

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2. CJ Cron

C.J. Cron
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At the start of this season, there were many uncertainties surrounding the Rockies' first baseman, CJ Cron. It was predicted that he would be traded at some point during the season, despite having played his best years in Colorado.

In the past two years, Cron has been performing exceptionally well, hitting 28 home runs in 2021 and 29 in 2022. Notably, he managed to improve his batting average significantly after joining the Rockies, going from .190 with the Detroit Tigers to an impressive .281 with his new team.

At present, Cron's batting average stands at .235, with six home runs and 16 RBIs to his credit. While the home runs and RBIs are decent, his batting average does not meet the expectations of either him or the Rockies.

Cron has had less playing time this year due to splitting time with former all-star first baseman Mike Moustakas. As a result, the Rockies may consider trading Cron to a contender for prospects in order to strengthen their organization before the trade deadline.

The outcome of this decision hinges on the Rockies' performance by mid-July. Should they fall out of playoff contention, it is possible that Cron and other experienced players might be traded to contending teams who are willing to spend more to strengthen their roster.

Prediction: Traded