3 players the Rockies are already regretting not acquiring this offseason

The Rox could be a lot closer to competing in 2024, despite playing in a juggernaut division, but they needed some extra help for very little cost that the front office didn't provide.
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3. Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy
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Despite a slow start to the season, Tom Murphy is a player that could have used the thin air at Coors Field to his advantage. The distinct homefield advantage the Rockies have built in, you would think they would try to take advantage and bring players in with more offensive upside than a Jacob Stallings type who is a pretty traditional "glove first" backup catcher. Not that there is anything wrong with having a player like that, but I would have liked to have seen the Rockies go a little more offensive minded with their backup catcher position.

Murphy has a strong bat for a backstop, batting .290 in 47 games in 2023 before an injury ended his season in mid-August. He has good gap-to-gap power and would have been in the mix for a DH position while sharing time with Elias Diaz behind the plate, taking pressure off him defensively and saving the club from plugging in a near automatic out into the lineup every time Diaz needs a day off or a day at DH. Not to mention that Murphy is an ultimate "vibes guy" as he seems to brighten any clubhouse that is lucky enough to have him.

The Rockies have a very confusing organizational philosophy, and if I had any idea what it was I would gladly share it; I'd like to think if I were in a position of power for this team, I would go to no ends to acquire players with offensive upside, who could be turned into prospects at the deadline by boosting their stats from playing home games at Coors, but I guess that's just me...

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