3 players the Rockies are already regretting not acquiring this offseason

The Rox could be a lot closer to competing in 2024, despite playing in a juggernaut division, but they needed some extra help for very little cost that the front office didn't provide.
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2. Andrew Chafin

Andrew Chafin
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The Rockies bullpen has had some surprise revelations so far in 2024. With the emergence of Victor Vodnik, who, in 7.2 innings over the course of four games, has yet to surrender a run as of April 10th. Vodnik along with Peter Lambert, and Nick Mears have been big time performers while Justin Lawrence and Tyler Kinley have struggled big time. When those two get going, if Vodnik, Mears and Lambert can continue their strong seasons, the Rockies would be looking at a pretty decent bullpen.

If they had added a veteran lefty who can help cover the middle innings, like, say, an Andrew Chafin type, who signed a one year, $4.75M deal this offseason with the Tigers. The 34-year-old lefty is another "sinkerballer" who had a tough 2023 season, but over the course of his career has more often than not, been good at keeping the ball from ending up over the fence.

With Chafin, the Rockies bullpen would have a real chance at being a top 15 bullpen in baseball despite the inherent disadvantage of pitching at altitude. Should Chafin perform and the team already be looking forward to 2025, Chafin could have easily been swapped at the deadline this year, for a competing team looking to add a veteran lefty to bolster their bullpen. What is that old adage, "you can never have too much pitching", but I repeat myself...