3 players the Rockies are already regretting not acquiring this offseason

The Rox could be a lot closer to competing in 2024, despite playing in a juggernaut division, but they needed some extra help for very little cost that the front office didn't provide.
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1. Martin Perez

Martín Pérez
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The veteran southpaw, Martin Perez, had a decent season last year for the World Series champion Texas Rangers, posting a 4.45 ERA in 141 innings pitched. However, coming into free agency it was pretty clear, early on, that Perez would have little chance of keeping a spot in a strong Rangers rotation that hopes to add Jacob DeGrom and Max Scherzer back into the mix sooner than later.

With that, Perez signed a one year, $4.4M deal with the Pirates. So far, Perez has looked really strong with Pittsburgh; his sinker is biting a lot, and he has a 2.45 ERA in his first two starts, totaling eleven innings. His sinker/cutter combo would have played well at Coors Field as Perez has been pretty good at keeping the ball in the yard over the course of his now 13-year career.

For a Rockies rotation that has struggled mightily in 2024, another solid starter to anchor the back end (or more likely front end at this point) would have been ideal to try and shade the disastrous start of Cal Quantrill and Kyle Freeland's seasons. What is that saying, "you can never have too much pitching"? I wish the Rockies believed that...