3 Players from today's Angels move the Rockies could give a tryout to via waiver wire

With the recent news coming from the Angels, we're looking into which players the Rockies could bring in to take a closer look at in September.

Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
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On a day that was supposed to be highlighted by which NFL players were being waived and released at the end of training camp, the Major League Baseball ended up stealing the show. The New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and the team who arguably made the biggest news was the Los Angeles Angels.

The Angels, who made a splash at the MLB trade deadline by acquiring players like Mike Moustakas, C.J. Cron, Randal Grichuk, Dominck Leone, Lucas Giolito, and Reynaldo Lopez have gone the opposite way over since with an overall record of 7-17.

Now, the team is looking to clear space on the roster after they announced they are waiving Gioltio, Lopez, Grichuk, Matt Moore and Hunter Renfroe.

The Angels' recent decision indicates two things: first, they are forfeiting any further attempts to succeed this year, as their current record of 63-69 leaves them 11.5 games behind the wild card. Second, it seems the Angels are striving to reduce their expenses, possibly to avoid exceeding the luxury tax.

A loss for one team could potentially benefit another team. The Rockies may want to explore the possibility of acquiring some players through the waiver wire. I took it upon myself to research which players the Rockies should consider bringing in for a tryout before Thursday, as they could potentially join the team in Colorado.

1. Matt Moore

Matt Moore
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After a promising year last season with the Texas Rangers, Moore signed a one-year deal with the Angels this past offseason and has produced similar numbers.

This season, the he has pitched a total of 43 innings for the Halos. He currently holds a 3-1 record with a 2.30 ERA and has 47 strikeouts so far this year. He is showing promising potential as a productive setup man. Last season, he achieved 14 holds, whereas this year, he has surpassed that with a total of 20 holds.

For the Rockies, the decision to pick up Moore could pay off huge for the next year. Since the trade deadline, the Rockies pitching has been atrocious as they have a team ERA of 5.98, an MLB worst. Colorado has also given up 44 home runs, issued 73 walks and hitters have a batting average of .295 against them. Recently, the Rockies bullpen blew five straight games.

It's safe to say Colorado needs all the help they can get this year in the bullpen and Moore could be a promising piece as a setup man of the future as Justin Lawrence appears to have moved up as the team's closer of the future.

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