3 of the biggest one-hit wonders in Rockies franchise history

With some incredible seasons in franchise history, we take a look at 3 of the best single seasons hits, that could never replicate that success again.

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Preston Wilson showed 5 tool potential in 2003, but could never replicate the same level of success

Preston Wilson came with a lot of pedigree, being the ninth overall pick in the 1992 MLB Draft. He was also ranked in the top 100 prospects for four consecutive years. He had a few decent years with the Marlins and Rockies fans had to be excited getting, at that time, a 28 year old outfielder, that had posted a 30-30 year along with back to back 20-20 seasons. 

He rewarded the Rockies immediately slashing .282/.343/537 with 36 home runs and a league leading 141 RBI’s. He was an All-Star for the first time and even received MVP votes. Wilson had just put together one of the best seasons by a center fielder and looked to be a fixture in the middle of the Rockies lineup for a long time, taking advantage of that thin Colorado air.

Unfortunately for the Rockies and Wilson, he played just 58 games in 2004, dealing with some injuries. In his contract year it was more of the same for Wilson who wasn’t replicating the 2003 season success. He was sent to the Nationals to finish out the season. He would spend the next season with two teams, significantly regressing, slashing just .263/.307/.423 with just 17 home runs. In 2007, he played in just 25 games, only hitting one home run and would never make a major league appearance again. Wilson had a quick fall from grace but at his peak he was extremely good and had one of the best seasons (even if it was just one) in Rockies history.