3 of the biggest one-hit wonders in Rockies franchise history

With some incredible seasons in franchise history, we take a look at 3 of the best single seasons hits, that could never replicate that success again.

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We were teased with what the talented David Dahl could be in 2019

David Dahl might be perhaps the highest touted Rockies prospect ever. He possessed legit five-tool potential at a premium position, especially in Colorado, Dahle had some really good seasons throughout the minor leagues, regularly hitt over .300 and proving legit 20-30 home run power with the ability to steal bases at a regular clip.

He debuted in 2016 and hit .315 in just 63 games, showing what many fans hoped would become an elite centerfielder. He didn't appear in a major league baseball game again until 2018, playing just 38 games in the minor leagues in 2017 and 2018 due to injuries. His 2019 season is when he really broke out, becoming an All-Star while slashing .302/.353/.524 with 15 home runs in 100 games before a pretty gruesome injury ended his season in August. After that breakout year, Dahl, still dealing with injuries, also had to deal with the COVID year, where he only received 99 plate appearances. Over the next three years, he would only receive 229 major league plate appearances.

Dahl is still in the league, just signing with the Phillies, and we all hope that he can capture just a little bit of that 2019 season. Many fans were in awe of what Dahl could become. Dahl had as much talent as any Rockies player, and it is unfortunate that injuries deprived him and fans of a spectacular career.