3 of the biggest mistakes that doomed the Rockies in 2023

3 of the biggest mistakes that took a toll on the Rockies 2023 season
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2. Kris Bryant signing keeps getting worse and worse

Kris Bryant
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The gift that keeps on giving.

Before the 2022 season, the Rockies handed Kris Bryant a seven year $182 million contract that has him eating up at least $26 million of the payroll for the next five years.

While I don't think it is time to give up on Bryant just yet, frustration is at the top of my list when I think about his time so far with the Rockies.

So far in two seasons, Bryant has yet to play in 162 games as he has appeared in just 122 games, 80 of which came this year.

Although Bryant played in more games this year for Colorado, 2021 was statistically the worst year of his career. He slashed .233/.313/.367, striking out 68 times, and hitting only 10 home runs and 31 RBI. These numbers are similar to his stats in the shortened 60-game season in 2020.

For at least the next five years, Bryant will remain a key part of the Rockies' core future as he will likely transition from the outfield to first base next year. That being said, while the Rockies would love to see Bryant return to his 2016 form when he was awarded the NL MVP with the Chicago Cubs, the Rockies will need him to just be a solid player who can hit above .218 and hit for at least 30 home runs as he did in 2019.

While I think this could be obtainable for Bryant, the reality is, he needs to be healthy. If he puts together a season where he plays in at least 145 games next year, he could quickly change the narrative of his time in Colorado and could give fans and the organization a reason to believe in the future.