3 moves the Rockies need to make to turn the season around

It's time the Rockies make some changes
Colorado Rockies v Toronto Blue Jays
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Let the young bullpen arms eat

This one might be a little hard to wrap your head around but hear me out. This bullpen has cost the team a few wins, it's early, so it's difficult to be too critical of them, but there is not denying that they have been bad. This team could have a few more wins if they would've just gotten adequate bullpen help. The Rockies don't have a lot of talent in their bullpen, and unless they are going to go out and take flyers on guys like Brad Hand to try and flip at the deadline, why not just let the exciting prospects you do have, prove themselves?

The first name that comes to mind is Jaden Hill. The hard throwing righty looked really good this spring, and I was very much of the opinion that he should have been on this Opening Day roster. When you look at the arms in the Rockies bullpen, you can't tell me with confidence that any of them have better stuff than Hill. The former LSU product doesn't have a lot of professional baseball experience, but this spring, he showed he's ready. As a college arm, that went up against really good SEC competition, the jump for Hill won't be as difficult. The team needs help back there and Hill is one of the most talented pitchers the Rockies have.

Another exciting arm that should be added to the bullpen is former first round pick, Riley Pint. Whereas Jaden HIll does a great job at controlling the zone and limiting walks, Pint really struggles with it. But who cares, the bullpen currently has a walk rate of 6.46 walks per nine, can things really get that much worse? Plus, like Hill, Pint would join this bullpen and instantly have some of the nastiest stuff in the pen. If this bullpen is going to continue costing the team games, why not at least let a pair of super high ceiling relievers compete?

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