3 moves the Rockies need to make to turn the season around

It's time the Rockies make some changes
Colorado Rockies v Toronto Blue Jays
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Move Brenton Doyle up in the lineup

This offense has been a very interesting one so far in 2024. An offense that we thought would be carried by Nolan Jones, with a lof of other question marks and some young players that we hope would take some steps forward has been vastly different.

Nolan Jones is hitting just .203 with a near 38% strikeout rate. He's put up just a 64 wRC+ that ranks eighth on the team. He has just one home run, causing manager, Bud Black, to move the lefty down to sixth in the lineup.

One player that has taken more strides than anyway would have predicted is Brenton Doyle. The defensive ace has looked so comfortable, putting together a string of solid at bats and the swing changes he made late last year are working!

Now, Doyle is still striking out over 32% of the time, but if he is going to hit .309 (or anywhere even close to that) you will take that strikeout rate 10 times out of 10. The surprising factor that has popped in Doyle's game is the power. Doyle leads the team, so far, in home runs with three; he is tied for the team lead in doubles with five and leads the team in extra-base hits.

Without a doubt, Doyle needs to be moved up in the lineup, especially on days when Charlie Blackmon gets the day off. Doyle has the potential to be a solid table setter that could steal 20-30 bases if he can get on-base over 30% of the time.