3 minor-league signings the Rockies should make to fuel spring training competition

Though the Rockies have been inactive, they could make some low-risk minor league signings that could prove valuable come summertime.
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Eric Lauer

Perhaps the longest shot on this list to join the Rockies, is former Milwaukee Brewer, Eric Lauer. Lauer will have quite a bit of interest to be a back of the rotation option. Lauer fits this team extremely well; he is a young, proven left-handed pitcher that is looking for a rotation to complete. Lauer provides something that the Rockies have been lacking, and that is a solid strikeout threat. Through the good and bad of Lauer's six-year career, Lauer's strikeout rate has been 8.55 per nine. He also has a solid walk rate of 3.47 per nine as well.

Check out Lauer's dominant 2021, courtesy of Dawg&Hen

Lauer would fit in as a solid number four or five starter for the Rockies. The Rockies have added a few veteran pieces to their rotation that should give them a lot of innings and raise the floor quite a bit. Adding an arm like Lauer could give them a solid option with some high upside.

In 2021 and 2021 Lauer posted an ERA below 3.7 with a combined fWAR of 2.8, throwing a combined 277.1 innings. During those two years his strikeout rate was just south of nine, while his walk rate remained just a tick over three. In 2021, his ERA was 3.19 and in 2022, his ERA was 3.69, proving that even in a hitter friendly park (American Family Field in Milwaukee), he can be a very effective pitcher.

Lauer is the perfect type of pitcher the Rockies should target. He is still young; has proven he can be good and has impressive strikeout numbers. Lauer could get a major league contract offer (the Rockies should entertain this), but if he doesn't the Rockies need to jump at the chance to bring him in on a minor league deal.

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