3 left-handed outfielders the Rockies should target

With reports that the Rockies are looking for a left-handed bat to add to their outfield mix, we look at 3 players and their fit on the Rockies team.
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Jesse Winker

The case of Jesse Winker is a very weird one. From the time he debuted in 2017 through the 2021 seasons, he was one of the best hitters in baseball. Over that span, he didn't post a wRC+ below 111, and posted one as high as 148. His 148 wRC+ season came in 2021, when he slashed .305/.394/.556 with 24 home runs and really solid walk (10.9%) rates and strikeout (15.5%) rates.

He was then traded to Seattle and really struggled to replicate the power numbers but maintaing his elite walk rates. He slashed .219/.344/.344, still good for an above average wRC+ at 108, but only hitting 14 home runs. After that season, he was traded to Milwaukee for Kolten Wong. With Milwaukee in 2023, he slashed .199/.320/.247, with just one home run, and a 65 wRC+.

Winker has absolutely fallen off a cliff. There are some concerns about his clubhouse presence (this was a big part of why the Mariners traded him). If the Rockies can work with Winker on his work ethic and give him a chance to be a fourth outfielder, there is the potential for an elite bat there. He did well in the hitter friendly park in Cincinnati, and moving to another hitter friendly park in Coors field could be a great rebound situation. Winker isn't going to command much money, maybe even a non-roster spot that could force the Rockies hand and become a solid depth outfielder.