3 Candidates to replace Pierce Johnson as the Rockies closer

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Jake Bird

Jake Bird
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Jake Bird was another candidate for the position as mentioned by Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post.

Since joining the Rockies in 2018 after being drafted from UCLA, Bird has primarily served as a set-up man. This year, he has four holds under his belt and a 3.05 ERA with 43 strikeouts, although he has given up 13 walks.

Bird and Lawrence have similar stats, which explains why they were both considered for the role. Bird's Sinker has only reached 94.2 MPH this year, so he's not known for pitching at high velocities. However, his approach might work well at Coors Field, where high-velocity pitches tend to result in more home runs due to the altitude. Opting for Bird's approach could lead to fewer home runs for the Rockies.