2 Teams Rockies fans should be rooting for and 2 they should not in the playoffs

The Rockies are out of the postseason for the fifth straight year and will once again have to find a team to root for with the division series set to begin today.
Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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3. Root for the Texas Rangers

Nathaniel Lowe, Jordan Montgomery
Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

For some Rockies fans, the Texas Rangers might've been their first love when it came to baseball. 30 years ago, baseball was nonexistent in Colorado which meant fans would have to find someone to root for.

For many, that team was likely the Rangers.

It's no secret that Colorado continues to remain a transplant state, as American's continue to move here, especially from California and Texas.

Like the Orioles and Rockies, the Rangers are another team that caught many by surprise this year as they exceeded all expectations by making the postseason this year despite finishing last year with a 68-94 record and turning it into a 90-72 season in 2023.

With young players like Jonah Heim and Nathaniel Lowe, it becomes easy to root for the Rangers. Especially when you get to see on the best MLB Post Season players like Corey Seager shine on one of the biggest stages of all.

With a few losing seasons that were focused on rebuilding a farm system, developing young prospects and singing a few key free agents like Seager and Marcus Semien, the Rangers are now in position to compete for a World Series for a long time giving Rockies fans a hope of what kind of future they could have in a few years once their farm system starts to reach the MLB level.

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