2 players the Rockies will regret not acquiring this offseason, 1 they won't

With the MLB offseason yet to really heat up, we take an early look at 2 pitchers the Rockies may regret not adding to their staff, and 1 that they wisely passed up on.
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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The Rockies are in a different situation than a lot of teams this offseason. With the playoff format giving an opportunity to more teams than ever, there are a lot of teams that are being more aggressive in hopes of capturing a Wild Card spot.

The Rockies are in a situation where it's unlikely they will be in contention for one of those Wild Card spots, at least for a few years. That doesn't mean that they won't be active in free agency, however, as they have a few pretty glaring holes, none more plain than in the pitching staff as a whole. The Rockies have some minor leaguers that are getting close to making their debuts, but with injuries last year, the Rockies will still need to add some consistency to their pitching staff, regardless of the arrival of enticing rookies.

With the Rockies being one of eight teams that have not spent a single dollar this offseason, many fans might be getting frustrated. The Rockies are an exciting team with a lot of young talent and a lot of fans want to see some experience infused into that. Colorado may have missed out on a couple of arms that could have proven valuable to this young team, while they will look back and be glad they avoided another pitcher who changed teams this offseason.