Colorado Rockies keep rookie tradition alive at Wrigley Field

A half dozen doughnuts from the new Dunkin' shop on Maize Road.Dunkin' Donuts
A half dozen doughnuts from the new Dunkin' shop on Maize Road.Dunkin' Donuts /

CHICAGO — There’s something magical about coming to Wrigley Field for the Colorado Rockies, especially if you’re a veteran player in the mood for some coffee and donuts.

As has become an annual tradition, Colorado Rockies rookies were on the first bus to the stadium on Saturday morning in order to have plenty of time to walk in full uniform a short distance for a Dunkin’ Donuts run. In all, 10 rookies (a large chunk of the current active 28-man roster) made the trek, including pitchers Jake Bird, Noah Davis, Ryan Feltner, Justin Lawrence, and Chad Smith, catcher Brian Serven, infielders Elehuris Montero and Alan Trejo, outfielder Sean Bouchard, and infielder/outfielder Michael Toglia.

Colorado Rockies rookies continued an annual tradition on Saturday

While the rookies may have had to have made the trek, veteran outfielder Charlie Blackmon footed the bill, which included not only not only what the rookies brought back for their teammates, but also paying for those waiting in line behind the Rockies who had to endure a but of a wait because of the ordering.

“That was the least I could do when they were so nice enough to volunteer to put on their uniforms and run across the street to get us some coffee and a donut,” Blackmon smiled.

Blackmon said he remembers well having to make the run himself as a rookie.

“It’s super awkward because once you leave the stadium, you’re now just wearing a costume,” Blackmon said. “It’s no longer a uniform, it’s a costume.”

Trejo said the news that he and his nine teammates were heading across the street wasn’t a complete surprise.

“Chuck was fully dressed and he says, ‘You know what? I’m in the mood for some coffee.’ At that point, we all kind of figured, you know, it’s the rookie thing in Chicago,” Trejo said. “After that, we just started asking for orders.”

While out and about, there were plenty of Cubs and Rockies fans who took pictures with the players, as well as several Cubs fans who reminded the players that they were no longer in Colorado. One taunt was met with a smile and a wave from Lawrence as he said, “Thanks a lot” in return.

Davis, called up before Friday’s game against the Cubs, joked that his timing couldn’t have been better to join the Rockies.

“Perfect timing, huh? Time to get some coffee,” Davis said as he stood in line with his teammates inside the Dunkin’ Donuts.

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