Do Colorado Rockies fans like their City Connect uniforms?

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On Friday, the Colorado Rockies revealed their City Connect jerseys that they will wear on Saturday, June 4 against the Atlanta Braves at Coors Field, for every Sunday home game for the remainder of the season, and whenever the Rockies starting pitcher wants the team to wear them.

When they were revealed, the uniform got general praise for being designed like the Colorado state license plate. The main thing that fans seemingly dislike the most is the team’s hat, which is a “CO” with mountains underneath it. The circular logo has rings around it that tie in with the “Colorful Colorado” sign that people see when driving into the state.

But to see what Rockies fans thought overall on the uniforms, we put it out to a poll.

Most Colorado Rockies fans like the team’s new City Connect uniforms

More than 350 people voted in our Twitter poll on whether or not they liked the Colorado Rockies’ City Connect uniforms.

59.2 percent of voters said that they either “loved” or “liked” them, whereas 20.8 percent said that they were “indifferent” to the uniforms and 19.9 percent said that they “hated” them.

ESPN is ranking all of the City Connect uniforms for each team and they rated the Rockies uniforms as the best City Connect uniforms thus far.

They cite the “distinctive” design that is different from “the rest of their existing uniform set without feeling completely out of left field.” They also cite the “exceptional amount of attention to detail, creating a look that feels both fresh and classic.”

Whether or not you like the uniforms, the “exceptional amount of attention to detail” cannot be denied.

The “Colorful Colorado”, the design like the Colorado license plate, the purple piping along the sides of the jersey for the “purple row” that signifies a Mile High in elevation, the patch with double black diamonds (honoring the local ski and snowboard community), and other small, intricate details were paid attention to on the jersey.

The City Connect uniforms replace the black vests that many Rockies fans adore so the City Connect jerseys will have some big shoes to fill but, overall, it seems like they will fill the void in fans’ hearts.