Colorado Rockies fans, it’s officially Todd Helton Hall of Fame season again

When the National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for 2022 was unveiled on Monday morning, it signified the start of another campaign to push Colorado Rockies legend Todd Helton into the minds of Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) voters and into Cooperstown.

It’s time for the Colorado Rockies to have another Baseball Hall of Fame inductee in Todd Helton

Helton will enter this Hall of Fame voting cycle with momentum on his side after earning a vote in 44.9 percent of ballots in 2021, up from 29.2 the year before. That jump of 15.7 percent was the second-highest increase of anyone on last year’s ballot, trailing only Scott Rolen.

This will be the fourth year for Helton to be featured on the ballot, and the votes for him have grown each year. Helton is preaching patience after watching his former Colorado teammate, Larry Walker, finally earn baseball immortality on his 10th and final rotation on the Hall of Fame ballot.

“It’s always nice to have an increase — still a long way to go,” Helton told’s Thomas Harding last year. “But you’ve got to look at it as a 10-year race, instead of just this year.”

The case for Helton to be a Hall of Fame member has been made several times on our site as well as by other writers throughout the country. If you’re looking for resources to learn more about Helton and his candidacy (and both sides of the argument on why he should or should not be inducted), here are some that can help you understand just how great of a player Helton was, whether he was playing at Coors Field or inside any other Major League Baseball stadium.

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Here is the Hall of Fame official ballot for 2022.

Approximately 400 voting members of the BBWAA will take part in this year’s balloting. Voting results will be announced at 4 p.m. (Mountain time) on January 25, 2022, live on MLB Network.