Texas Rangers trying to woo former Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story with their vision

The Texas Rangers have been and, probably until he signs, will be one of the top teams that will be linked to former Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. That’s due to Arlington being his hometown, the Rangers need for a shortstop, and the Rangers have said that they plan on spending a lot this offseason.

But now, the Rangers are seemingly definitely vying for one of the top shortstops, including Trevor Story, according to Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News.

Former Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story had a meeting with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday

Evan Grant reported that former Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story had a meeting with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday.

The Rangers had the meeting to, as Grant says, “explain their vision of the future” to Story. That move was likely to show Story that things would not evolve like they did with one of his best friends, his former teammate Nolan Arenado, with the Rockies: Sign a big deal and then add nothing else.

As we discussed last week, the Rangers are looking to add roughly $100 million to their payroll for next year so, if Story makes (roughly) $25 million per season, he would only be one-quarter of the additions.

Despite the Rangers being a 102-loss team in 2021, if they spend that kind of money coupled with Oakland likely taking a step back, the Rangers could make a serious step up in the AL West race. In fact, if the Rangers do like they say they want to and the Angels and Mariners do what they are saying, the AL West could be the most competitive race in the six divisions.

But there is a lot that could happen this offseason and plans could fall through for some teams. But Trevor Story, at least as of now, has 8-10 teams that are interested in his services for 2022, and none of them are the Colorado Rockies.