Colorado Rockies: A history of Jeff Bridich signings and trades

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Daniel Murphy of the Colorado Rockies

SEATTLE, WA – AUGUST 08: Daniel Murphy #9 of the Colorado Rockies walks off the field after an at-bat during a game at T-Mobile Park on August, 8, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. The Rockies won 5-0. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

2018 – 2019:

Number of Minor League Deals: 66

Number of Major League Deals: 1

Number of Trades: 5

Number of Waiver Pickups: 1

Signed Draftees: 17

Most important deal: Signing Daniel Murphy instead of DJ LeMahieu

The only Major League free agent signed by the Colorado Rockies in 2018-2019 was Daniel Murphy. The Rockies saw DJ LeMahieu sign with the Yankees and then brought on yet another player past his prime like Ian Desmond. It wouldn’t be that bad if they hadn’t given Murphy the same deal that the Yankees gave LeMahieu. Some people point to this as one of the early signs that Jeff Bridich might have some issues with the players in the clubhouse, something that after the 2019 season Nolan Arenado would hint at often.

The draft again was nothing too special, same with trades. I hope you guys like Michael Toglia and Phillip Diehl.

2019 – 2020:

Number of Minor League Deals: 22

Number of Major League Deals: 1

Number of Trades: 3

Number of Waiver Pickups: 2

Signed Draftees: 6

Most important deal: Drafting Zac Veen/Trading for Mychal Givens and Kevin Pillar

After the disappointing 2019 season, the Rockies continued to do nothing in the offseason. Even before COVID-19 swept the nation, the team was extra quiet.

Despite obvious flaws the year before, Dick Monfort and Jeff Bridich insisted the team was built to win. With little change, the year started out perfectly, with the Rockies starting the shortened season off with a tear (an 11-3 record). By the time the trade deadline came around, the Rockies weren’t selling off pieces like everyone expected at the start of the season. They were buyers, and they bought one of the best relievers in baseball at the time (Mychal Givens) to help the struggling bullpen.

Unfortunately, the team fell apart across the board. The rotation fell apart, the offense stagnated, the bullpen remained very bad. Also unfortunately, Givens’ stuff did not translate well to Coors Field. The good news is that he has started off 2021 with a new contract and has started off looking like one of the better pieces in the bullpen, so who knows this one might just work out.

Also, the 2020 draft was easily the best looking of the Bridich era so far. Zac Veen, Chris McMahon, Drew Romo, and Sam Weatherly all seem like they could be starters once they fully develop. It’s just a shame that it will be until something like 2023 until we start to see them on the Roster.

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