Colorado Rockies: What was their highest point of the 2020 season?


The 2020 Colorado Rockies did not have a good season but they did have a few good moments.

The 2020 Colorado Rockies will go down in the record books as a team that, really, encapsulates much of the history of the Colorado Rockies in a nutshell: an enigma.

They ended the pandemic-shortened season with a 26-34 record, which, by winning percentage, would have made them a 71-91 team in a 162-game season, which is exactly what they were in 2019. In both seasons, the Rockies started the season well and took a steep nosedive as the season developed.

In 2020, that makes it somewhat hard to determine what their “highest moment” of the 2020 season. Bleacher Report’s Zachary Rymer contends that the Rockies’ highest moment of the 2020 season was when Charlie Blackmon’s batting average reached .500. That was on August 11 in the Rockies 8-7 win against the Diamondbacks, when the two teams combined to score 11 runs from the bottom of the eighth inning to the end of the game that ended in regulation. The Rockies’ chances at making the playoffs also rose to around seventy percent on that day. Obviously, that did not come to fruition, though.

That moment is definitely in contention for the highest point of the season but another one could be the Rockies having an 11-3 record to start the season. The win that got them to 11-3, which happened on August 8 in Seattle, when the Rockies shutout the Mariners 5-0, and the win put them in sole possession of the best record in the majors.

For the cynic in us, after the Rockies went 11-3, they went 15-31, which was the worst record in baseball. At that point, was the Rockies’ highest moment of the 2020 season just getting the season over so that the page on 2020 like most of the world is hoping to do in the coming days? Or, perhaps, there was another reason?

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